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4S is a software reseller and service provider for southern Africa. We focus on data security and cloud software solutions. 4S was founded in 2021 shortly after a period in which many companies encouraged their staff to work remotely. Data security and protecting customers’ data became an increased focus for many businesses.

We work closely together with Visma | PinkWeb, one of the leading software developers in The Netherlands. They are an official partner of Visma from Norway, Europe’s largest cloud software developer.

The first product for Visma | PinkWeb to launch in South Africa is Visma eShare. This is a secure Document Sharing Solution (DSS) which helps companies to increase their data security by no longer having to send important documents as attachments to external parties (clients, suppliers, investors, etc) via email.

About Stijn Smolders

Being in digital marketing and having worked with ad technology for the past 17 years, the change to business cloud software was a logical transition for Stijn, founder and managing director of 4S.
‘I’ve seen a huge change in businesses setting up remote working offices and the need for secure document sharing solutions is growing quickly.’
Through an exclusive partnership with Visma | PinkWeb South Africa has now access to leading European business cloud software solutions and local service. This will eliminate the risk (and habit) to share documents externally with clients and suppliers via email attachments.
‘What we saw happening is employees giving clients and sometimes suppliers, access to their internal document management (DMS) solutions like Google Drive, Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams. Platforms that are made for internal use only and we heard some terrible examples of how important business information was shared with the wrong people. But also the stories of email hacking, phishing through links and passwords being interjected were surfacing more and more. The need for secure platforms with the convenience of these above mentioned solutions was growing quickly.
Now imagine this situation for lawyers, attorneys, medical professionals (like doctors practices), real estate agents, universities and financial service providers? All are businesses that handle sensitive and private information of their customers. The launch of the POPI Act in South Africa has accelerated the awareness around this topic as well’.

Stijn is originally from The Netherlands and has been living in South Africa since 2008. Between 2011 and 2013 he went back to Amsterdam to join a leading ad technology reseller in The Netherlands. He has been back in Cape Town with his family since 2014 where he headed up Sprout Performance Partners, a digital media buying and consultancy for the past 7 years.
When not working Stijn enjoys spending time with his two very sporty sons and riding his bicycles around the Peninsula. Both on tar and on the mountain.



Digital transformation is about reinventing your workflow, automating business processes, and creating engaging customer journeys using technology and (cloud) software. At 4S we provide best-in-breed technology combined with our highly skilled consultants to facilitate a framework for your digital transformation journey. Everything we do and offer is done with the highest level of integrity and data security in mind.

‘Investing in a secure cloud portal for continuous file sharing with external parties was high on our priority list. I’m glad we found Visma’s eShare solution. It will help us prevent data leaks going forward and allow our clients to access the documents we shared with them any time from anywhere.’

Adam Casson-Crook, Moore South Africa


Consultancy and implementation

At 4S we work in partnerships. During your digital transformation journey you can rely on us to provide more than just leading (cloud) software solutions.

We will also provide you with technical and project support and service. Our mission is to enable you with an increased productivity by providing you with the best possible (cloud) software solutions that are available.

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Stop E-mailing, start sharing

Share information easily, fast and securely from your own personal online archive.

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You regularly exchange privacy-sensitive information with clients or suppliers. Think of important FICA documents, personal data or confidential information.

You want to handle all this information responsibly and e-mail is not enough. Choose a safe alternative.

Choose Visma eShare to securely share information with or request information from relations via your own secure and personalised cloud environment.

Clients or suppliers can easily supply information and shared information is maximally secured

Made to regularly share internal and external information

Fully customisable in your own corporate identity style

Automatic file creation with audit trail of shared information

Available 24/7 and everywhere via Android and iOS apps

Visma eShare is already used by 200 000 companies in Europe

Intuitive design and easy to use

Plug & play, you can start using Visma eShare immediately



Our solution is available for the Attorney & Law industry as eShare Legal, developed in conjunction with our consultancy partners L-IME from The Netherlands.

For companies in accountancy and auditing we offer this solution as a complete customer portal. Go to the website of Visma | Pinkweb for more information

Visma eShare because… you manage a lot of personal FICA data and privacy-sensitive information. Clients send you proof of identity, payslips, proof of residency, information about their home and so on. You want to handle this carefully.

Visma eShare because… by definition you work with privacy-sensitive information and personal FICA data. Clients send you their IDs, pay slips, bank statements and other tax and confidential information. Offer them a safe way to share this.

Visma eShare because… clients send you all kinds of different documents. Bank details, bank statements, FICA documentation and sensitive information about their personal situation. Do this safely, reliably and also linked to your back office systems.

Visma eShare because… you work with the most sensitive information during acquisition due diligences, fundraising and organisational restructuring. Share financial, strategic and even legal information securely, with only the people who really need to have access to it.

Visma eShare because… you request sensitive information to process new contracts and changes. Think of FICA documentation, financial information or payslips for the calculation of tax returns. It is important you demonstrate that you know how to handle this information responsibly.

Visma eShare because… you request privacy-sensitive and highly confidential information from clients in order to guide them. Do this safely and securely in your own safe online environment. Information is stored in secure folders and archives, so that you can optimally assist clients.

Visma eShare because… you are responsible for the financial reporting. This means that you share business-sensitive and confidential information with or request from third parties. To do this via email is no longer best practice.

Visma eShare because… you work with the most personal data within your organisation. The HR department has to deal with remuneration information, CVs, FICA documentation, employment offers, police clearance certificates, diplomas, etc. Sensitive information that you want to process carefully.

Visma eShare because… as a broker you are a trusted person for your clients. You help them with everything related to their old or new home and you often request information or want to share documents, reports or photos. You want to do this safely and in an organised way.

Visma eShare because… you share or request a lot of large files in development projects. For example with clients or suppliers. This is often intellectual property such as building plans, drawings or name and address details. You want to exchange this information securely and in a structured manner.

Visma eShare because… you continuously exchange information to carry out assignments. Think of logos, photos, plans, presentations et cetera. This intellectual property should not end up on the street any more than personal information. Share safely, quickly and via your personal online environment.

Visma eShare because… you work with information from and for people. Perhaps you are a dietitian and you communicate about eating behavior and weight, or you are a speech therapist or physiotherapist and you ask for recorded exercises or someone’s medical information. It’s all private information for specific individuals.



Protect your customers

Many people use email to exchange information. Fast and accessible? Yes. But not the safest way. You are responsible for the safe handling of information from clients and suppliers. With Visma eShare you are definitely in the right place. The data we process remains within Europe (or South Africa on request) and we develop according to the most modern security standards.

Personal and recognisable

A personal face and recognisability are the most important for most organisations. We get that. That is why we have chosen to make Visma eShare fully customizable. Your sharing platform really becomes yours with your own logos, name and personal style.

Long-term relationships

There are plenty of ways to store information online or quickly share some documents. Visma eShare is different. Our solution has been specially developed for organisations with long-term relationships, in which information is exchanged regularly. This shared information is also automatically saved as a handy and well-arranged file.


Apps have become an integral part of our lives. Visma eShare is also accessible via its own app, free with every subscription. With the Visma eShare app you can share and view information anytime, anywhere. Just like the online environment, the app is fully secured and customizable. 24/7 nearby and ready for the future!




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ZAR 1 200 p/m Access for 10 clients
  • Free Android and iOS apps
  • Implementation Costs (once-off): ZAR 8 000
  • Full Read & Write functionality
  • Full Rights Allocation Authorisation
  • Unlimited sharing and receiving documents
  • Set your own CI design


ZAR 3 460 p/m Access for 11 - 50 clients
  • Free Android and iOS apps
  • Implementation Costs (once-off) ZAR 10 500
  • Full Read & Write functionality
  • Full Rights Allocation Authorisation
  • Unlimited sharing and receiving documents
  • Set your own CI design


ZAR 5 200 p/m Access for 51 - 100 clients
  • Free Android and iOS apps
  • Implementation Costs (once-off) ZAR 12 500
  • Full Read & Write functionality
  • Full Rights Allocation Authorisation
  • Unlimited sharing and receiving documents
  • Set your own CI design


CUSTOM PRICING Access for 100+ Clients
  • Free Android and iOS apps
  • Implementation Costs TBC
  • Full Read & Write functionality
  • Full Rights Allocation Authorisation
  • Unlimited sharing and receiving documents
  • Set your own CI design
  • API integrations (Sharepoint, Google Drive, OneDrive, network, DMS, CRM)
  • Telephone support
  • Your own account manager


Visma eShare becomes even more powerful thanks to integrations with Sharepoint, your

document management system (DMS) or your local network drive and your CRM solution.

You can easily create online accounts for your employees and clients and share files directly

from the software platforms where you have stored your documents. Uploads and changes

are processed automatically, so you can get started right away.


How much risk do you run on a data breach?

When we hear the word data breach, we quickly think of hackers. But nearly 70% of data breaches occur when information is sent to the wrong person. This happens especially often with e-mail and WhatsApp, channels that are not sure whether they are proven to be safe. Do our Security Scan and find out how much risk you run!

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4S works with international leading specialists in the field of cloud computing and technology

We have partnered with Visma | Pinkweb, a fast growing company and a market leader in The Netherlands since 2002. The client portal “Client Online” is their web based cloud solution that services hundreds of accounting firms, ranging from the biggest to many SME sized firms in The Netherlands, Belgium and Curacao. A total of more than 200 000 clients with many more individual users are using the PinkWeb Client Online and eShare portal.

In The Netherlands the team of L-IME is the leading technology consultant in the legal industry. With their experience and personal background as lawyers they now service many law & attorney firms with consultancy advice on what the best technology platforms are to run their companies.





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The personal data you enter in this form will be processed by 4S in accordance with our Privacy Statement.